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Shamsur Rahman Kabita Samagra

Book name: Kabita Samagra 
Wrtter : Shamsur Rahman
Book type : Poetry,Kobitar boi,
Language : Bangla
Pages : 716,
File Size : 15 MB.
Book description : Shamsur Rahman is a popular bangladeshi poet. He was regarded the unofficial poet laureate of Bangladesh. Major themes in his poetry and writings include liberal humanism, human relations, romanticized rebellion of youth, the emergence of and consequent events in Bangladesh, and opposition to religious fundamentalism.His popular books are Prothom Gan Ditio Mrittur Age,Biddhosto Nilima,Roudro Korotite,Bondi Shibir Theke ,Buk Tar Bangladesher Hridoy,Amra Kojon Shongi  and famous Children's literature  Alating Belating, Golap Phote Khukir Hatay,Dhan Bhanle Kuro Debo.

Shamsur Rahman Kabita Samagra

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